Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Two Roads Diverged

Heading west, here you are on the I-195/The Downtown Expressway reaching a critical question: Southside or West End? It does of course mean you're leaving the best part of Richmond (in my opinion): The Fan.

The road that leads you to the Southside is the Powhite Parkway, which brings about an interesting controversy. Apparently, in a a move towards political correctness started by the First Market Bank and the Ukrops family (virtual royalty and another subject for another day) launched a 2001 ad campaign declaring the pronunciation to be "Pow-hite": pow like in the word "powder". But Richmonders are stubborn. The only people you'll hear say "Pow-hite" are the traffic reporters-- 99% of Richmonders will tell you that it's pronounced "Po-white" and make the politically incorrect inference that you will.

Posted by mea at 9:17 PM


  1. Blogger EPLUIM posted at 5:10 AM  
    That is very cool. Um... How did you take this picture?It looks like you're flying!
  2. Anonymous Anne posted at 9:38 PM  
    good to see roads without traffic...here in Manila even expressways have traffic!
  3. Blogger Austin posted at 10:45 AM  
    Also a great picture that shows how poor our road conditions are in VA. Smoother highways would be nice!
  4. Blogger Anita posted at 1:41 PM  
    Of course everyone pronounces it "Po-white" because that IS the name and it ALWAYS has been pronounced that way. Why do people think they can just show up and change the pronunciation just because THEY don't like the way it sounds? It's the same deal with Norfolk, Va. Sorry, but it's pronounced "Nor-fuk." It's not done to offend anyone, it's just what it was named. Can you go to San Jose ("Ho-zay"), CA and pronounce it "Josey"? No, because you would look like an idiot. Same applies here.
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