Sunday, April 09, 2006

Virginia Museum of Fine Arts Expansion

The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts is expanding! They're adding a sculpture garden, a 600 car parking deck, and 100,000 sq. feet of gallery space. You can see the original building here as well as the proclamation that they are certainly still open for business!

Again, thanks to Nicola of Wiesbaden Daily Photo for her help while I'm out of town.

Posted by mea at 7:45 AM


  1. Blogger Nicola posted at 1:36 AM  
    Will the sculpture garden be outside (like a real garden)? Nice idea...
  2. Blogger EPLUIM posted at 3:59 PM  
    Yes, they REALLY want you to know!
    You'll be so excited to get all of these messages when you get back! Have fun, losers!
  3. Blogger scott davidson posted at 10:58 AM  
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