Sunday, April 23, 2006

Carillon Star

I posted photos of Richmond's Carillon before which was constructed to honor the men who served in WWI, but at the foot of this amazing bell tower lies another monument. This large gold star honors the Gold Star Mothers from WWI. It's a really interesting group that still exists today to provide support for mothers who have lost a child to war. The name comes from the gold stars that families used to hang in their windows after the wartime death of a soldier. I think it's particularly appropriate that this waits patiently at the foot of the soaring 240 tower representing their fallen children.

Posted by mea at 9:20 PM


  1. Blogger EPLUIM posted at 4:55 AM  
    sad, but very pretty
  2. Blogger chris.h. posted at 4:49 PM  
    very sad.I like the image though and I have a very similar image which I was planning on posting soon.
  3. Blogger mea posted at 6:59 PM  
    It's odd. I didn't see this as terribly sad, but rather as a symbol of unity for the mothers.

    I suppose you're correct though...

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