Monday, March 20, 2006


Part of being the typical American homeowner means the obligatory Sunday spent at Lowe's or Home Depot (or both). My husband and I are always working on our 1928 townhouse and yesterday we did a bit of gardening. Always armed with my camera, I thought you'd like the artistic arrangement of this rather mundane building material.

Posted by mea at 7:02 AM


  1. Blogger dutchie posted at 7:33 AM  
    You are right! Love the composition!
  2. Blogger Nicola posted at 10:37 AM  
    Together they make an interesting pattern...
  3. Blogger Ham posted at 2:53 PM  
    I couldn't guess, well spotted!
  4. Blogger Litzner posted at 5:07 PM  
    looks like sheets of drywall.
  5. Blogger mea posted at 7:05 PM  
    Litzner - They sure are, but aren't they artistic sheets of drywall?
  6. Blogger Anne posted at 7:57 PM  
    Hmm nice shot Mea...but are they really dry wall?
  7. Blogger Arnaud posted at 3:31 AM  
    Isn't that we call the photograph eyes?
  8. Blogger Lisi posted at 4:02 AM  
    Mea, interesting shot!
  9. Blogger Litzner posted at 10:20 AM  
    drywall may look nice and artsy when it is lying on the ground in stacks, but nothing beats the sight and sense of acomplishment after you cut and hang it yourself. The acomplishment goes great with a beer or three as well.
  10. Blogger Morgan posted at 9:26 PM  
    Mandie- I hate your blog. It makes me miss Richmond so much.

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