Thursday, March 23, 2006

Pretty in Pink

My neighbor's cat decided to pose for a photo and I was more than happy to oblige. That and I thought it was a nice day for a little pink tinge.

Posted by mea at 8:18 AM


  1. Blogger EPLUIM posted at 6:31 PM  
    I like that picture a LOT!
  2. Blogger Kris posted at 2:55 AM  
    hey ,what a nice setting..the chair there adds flavour :)
  3. Blogger Lisi posted at 3:31 AM  
    yes Mea, you got the pink tint so nicely...
  4. Blogger Nicola posted at 12:13 PM  
    Great cat photo! And a nice color for a house. How does Gatsby like the neighbors cat? ;)
  5. Blogger Denton posted at 12:26 PM  
    This goes along with San Francisco's daily photo Monday theme of colors and shadows. Good photo.
  6. Blogger midnitebara posted at 4:14 AM  
  7. Blogger mea posted at 8:15 AM  
    Nicola - Gatsby is actually very fond of cats, so long as they want to play with him on his terms!
  8. Blogger Kais posted at 3:31 PM  
    cute cat!

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