Saturday, March 25, 2006

The American Way

A few week's back, Eric posted a fabulous picture of an empty chair. Today, I'm posting the American version.

Now, yes, of course there are beautiful restaurants and even cafes in Richmond and across the United States. But what is more quintessintially American than appropriating something from another culture, reducing it to it's base ingredients, and then mass marketing it now that it bears no resemblance to it's origins?

Did you catch it? I've just done it with this post! For us, it's all about the spin you put on things...

Posted by mea at 8:33 AM


  1. Blogger EPLUIM posted at 10:34 AM  
    I still like eating at Taco Bell! :)
  2. Anonymous bob posted at 10:24 PM  
    Is that what it's come to - Paris has cafes, we have Taco Bell?
  3. Anonymous Ciathos posted at 8:10 AM  
    Yes, in America, we need to have our burritos STUFT with food. Also, sitting down to eat in a fast-food resturant is usually rare, even though we have so much space. Hmmmmm, I think it has to do with the hard plastic quality of them.

    Now if we had those nice looking whicker chairs like the one in Eric's photo, it might inspire a few more people to sit and enjoy the atmosphere around them.
  4. Blogger mea posted at 10:40 AM  
    Bob - We're America. We'll have whatever we want! ;)

    Ciathos - I've read that fast food chains specifically keep it colder in the restaurants in order to move people along faster!
  5. Blogger chris.h. posted at 11:24 AM  
    good photo,but even better comments by you(and so true!!)

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