Saturday, February 25, 2006

The Virginia Home

This is a close up of the windows on The Virginia Home. I had never seen this building before and as I was walking around last weekend, I stumbled upon this great big building that reminded me a little bit of the movie The House on Haunted Hill.

I did a little bit of research and found out that it was originally located in Shockoe Bottom, founded in 1894, and known as "The Virginia Home for the Incurables." Isn't it funny how time and political correctness take over?

Posted by mea at 10:05 AM


  1. Blogger Lisi posted at 12:21 AM  
    Hi Mea, this is a nice shot...really the reflection of the sky and the trees...I like it!
  2. Blogger Eric posted at 3:36 AM  
    You say it was "originally located in Shockoe Bottom"...does this infer that it was moved? Agree with Lisi, I like the reflection.
  3. Blogger EPLUIM posted at 8:32 AM  
    very nice! Are you taking pictures today as well? Can't wait for tomorrow!
  4. Blogger mea posted at 12:51 PM  
    Eric : Sorry, should have clarified. The original Home was in another building in Shockoe Bottom before it came to its present location. ;)
  5. Blogger Mary posted at 7:38 PM  
    I have an old postcard of the original Virginia Home for the Incurables. Pretty wild. I love Richmond history.

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